Chitty Chats with Orey Yates

March 26th, 2020 · 46 mins 21 secs

About this Episode

On this first episode of what I'm calling Chitty Chats, I talk to new friend Orey Yates. We chat a little about his podcast, his shitty internet in Alabama, and D&D characters. If you would like to chat for fun, let us know.

You can find Orey on Twitter @whatwouldoreydo and you can find is show (un)Characters on all podcasting apps and on Twitter @theuncharacters.

Twitter: @comicrundown
Instagram: comicbookrundown

Hosted by Joe Janero and Orey Yates
Edited by Joe Janero
Theme song provided by one of the Sex Turtles (Joe Cubas)

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